Conference Social Program

Yokohama Dinner Cruise (The Marine Rouge)
Thursday, 21 November, 19:00-20:30

The Marine Rouge is a sightseeing boat that navigates its way through the Yokohama sea.
You can enjoy a delicious French cuisine and beautiful night view of Yokohama area from chartered boat, the Marine Rouge.
All POF2019 Participants are invited.
Please enjoy wonderful dinner, scenery and talk with all participants.

Time Table

Time Action
17:00-18:30 Move to Yamashita Park from Hiyoshi (by train)
(Detail will be announced accordingly.)
Get off at Motomachi-Chuukagai Station (Terminal Station) of Tokyu-Toyoko Line and Minato-Mirai Line
18:15-18:30 Board on the Marine Rouge
(5min. on foot from Motomachi-Chuukagai Station)
19:00 Departure from Yamashita Park embarkation site, Dinner start
20:30 Return to Yamashita Park, End of the cruise

Dinner Cruise fee

POF2019 participants * Invited
Accompanied person or Non participants of POF2019 JPY 15,000- (tax included)

*Participants of Special Session only are to pay JPY15,000.

POF2019 participants
POF2019 participants will receive an email asking whether to participate or not prior to the event, so please be sure to reply and inform us your intention.

Accompanied person or Non participants of POF2019
Please inform of your intention to participate to before Nov. 12nd, 2019.

Fee: Needs to be paid prior to the event either at the registration desk of POF2019 venue or at Yamashita Park embarkation site.